Lifesaving Instructor (LSI)

In 2022, the Mega-Lifesaving Instructor course changed. It is now three different courses. The new portfolio of courses is: 

  • Swim For Life Instructor;
  • New Lifesaving Instructor;
  • Lifesaving First Aid Instructor

Swim For Life Instructors can teach the swimming program of the Lifesaving Society (this is similar to the former WSI program of the Red Cross). New Lifesaving Instructors can teach and examine the Bronze awards and Swim Patrol. Lifesaving First Aid Instructors can teach Emergency First Aid, Standard First Aid and CPR levels A, B and C. 

These courses can be offered separately or combined together. 

Prerequisites are slightly different for each:

  • Swim For Life Instructor Prerequisites:
    • Swimming ability consistent with Swimmer 6 or Swim Kids 10
    • Bronze Cross or higher
    • Age 15 or older
  • Lifesaving Instructor Prerequisites:
  • Lifesaving First Aid Instructor:
    • Standard First Aid (One of: Red Cross, St John Ambulance, Lifesaving Society, Criti-Care EMS, Manitoba Safety Services, or Heart Beat ECSI).
    • Age 16 or higher

Next Courses

  • We are not currently offering any Instructor courses, just re-certifications. 
  • We have re-certifications on:
    • Swim For Life Instructor Recertification on Tuesday, June 25, from 8:30-12:30 — $150 + GST.
    • Lifesaving Instructor Recertification on Tuesday, June 25, from 1:00-5:00 — $150 + GST.
    • Lifesaving First Aid Instructor Recertification on Tuesday, June 25, from 5:00-9:00pm — $150 + GST.
    • These will be done at Birds Hill Park waterfront.

Instructor Courses and Recertifications

Lifesaving Instructor Recertification (LSIR)

Your LSI is good for two years. After that, you must recertify to maintain your certification.

If you have expired, you have a five-year grace period. You can simply take an LSI Recert and become recertified. If it is longer than that, there are some options so please contact us.

Upcoming LSI Recerts:

  • More dates will be posted soon.

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